Kraton Yogyakarta is the main object in the city of Yogyakarta. Historic buildings which is a palace and residence of the Sultan and his family Hamengku Buwana was established since 1756. Kraton with all the customs and culture into community life spirit Yogyakarta. Kraton is also a major tourist attraction in the city of Yogyakarta both in terms of heritage buildings and customs that exist in it. In addition to the Sultan’s Palace in the past can be enjoyed through the architectural beauty of the building, can also be enjoyed traditional art presented every day in Ward Manganti. Currently occupied by a family Kraton Sultan Hamengku Buwana X who became king at once governor of Yogyakarta.








The origin of Jogjakarta Sultanate began in 1558 AD when Ki Ageng Pamanahan get a gift from the Sultan area in Mataram Pajang because his services had been defeated Aryo Penangsang. In 1577, Ki Ageng archery which remain always faithful to the Sultan Pajang until the end of his life, building his palace in Kota Gede. His successor, Sutawijaya, son Ki Ageng archery, in contrast to his father. Sutawijaya Pajang defied the Sultan and want to have their own territory even mastering Java.

After winning the battle with the Kingdom Pajang, in 1588, became the kingdom of Mataram with the title of Sultan Sutawijaya as Panembahan Senopati. Mataram kingdom experienced rapid development during the reign of Sultan fourth generation, Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo. After Sultan Agung died and was succeeded his son, Amangkurat I, Kingdom of Mataram experiencing internal conflict / family conflict were utilized by the VOC to end up with Giyanti Agreement in February 1755 to divide the kingdom of Mataram Sultanate of Surakarta and Yogyakarta.

In the agreement, declared Prince Mangkubumi Jogjakarta Sultanate became sultan with the title Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwana I. Since 1988 until now, led by the Sultan of Jogjakarta Sultanate Hamengku Buwana X. Jogjakarta palace began to be established by the lane I post a few months Giyanti Agreement. Location is a former palace reputedly named Pesanggarahan Garjitawati. This building used to break the funeral procession Mataram kings would be buried in Imogiri.

Another version states the location of the palace is a spring, Pacethokan Bannerman, who is in the middle of the forest Beringan. Before assuming Keraton Jogjakarta, the lane I stay in the Guest Houses Ketawang Ambar which now includes the District Limestone, Sleman regency. Location Keraton Jogjakarta is between Code River in the east and the west Winongo and Stage Krapyak in the south and Clearwater Beach to the north. This location is also within an imaginary line of the South Sea and Mount Merapi


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