Celebrate the queen’s birthday wilhemina

If called to celebrate the Anniversary PRJ Jakarta, Pasar Gambir to celebrate the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina, who was born on August 31, Gambir 1880.Pasar first called in 1898, the year of the coronation of Queen Beatrix’s grandmother as the Queen of the Netherlands. Since then, Gambir Market held every year, for one week, between the months of August and September. Even until recently, the Dutch made the day a national day to day called Queen or Koninginnedag.


Gambir Market name comes from the name that is maintenance locations in Merdeka Square, which used to be called the King or Koningsplein Airport, Gambir district. If Jakarta Fair is held the first years of Merdeka Square South, often called Gambir Market in Medan Merdeka Utara, opposite the Palace of the Governor-General, now Merdeka Palace. Before the Dutch dependencies in Japan on during the 1940’s, the atmosphere lively Pasar Gambir each year.

The excitement of the people who called the festival every year, just like the PRJ this time. At that time, Gambir Market showcase and sell a variety of handicrafts from various regions of the archipelago. One of the popular attractions are climbing nut community, such as August 17 festivals in the villages. Rewards were also various items, such as shirts and kaos.Sedangkan, the most preferred entertainment is keroncong songs. Most well-known singer then Annie Landow always appear. Whereas, prianya is Titaley or Bram Bram Aceh.


The annual festival of the people initially called for a week, then extended for two weeks. Pasar Gambir is the most joyous event in the Dutch colonial era. Lively and entertaining atmosphere, as well as being the venue and the type of variety that produces people over, after Japanese troops occupied the Batavia in 1942. After a stop for 30 years, co-chairman of Governor Ali Sadikin Kadin Syamsudin currently held by the Pilgrims known Manganese Manganese, turn the party back at the same people with the name Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ). Later, moved to the location of the arena PRJ Kemayoran Airport container



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