The oblique comments about Palestinians in Islamedia FB Page, and also some articles that actually discredit Hamas, saying the children used as shields by Hamas in order to get the sympathy of the world, makes me “angry” and tried to answer the charges which is not the fundamental.


Before the speech read history! Who Palestinian, Israeli Who we should know. Who is under Egyptian rule before Mursi, Why America fully supports Israeli aggression and the UK who also have us know. The following is a long history. Read!!


Lately it occurs deep concern on the land of Palestine. Thousands of people were killed in the Israeli attack on Gaza that began on December 27, 2008. The world is turbulent. Some countries vehemently oppose Israel even with sever diplomatic relations. Protest against the Israeli attack took place everywhere, including in Indonesia. However, the war is still likely to erupt next few years.


Palestine does have a complicated history. Israel, which is the Jewish nation, the country established on Palestinian land. This leads to the situation evolved to its present state. To better understand this conflict, then I tried to summarize the history of Palestine from the beginning to the conflict.


Palestinian-Israeli territory (

This paper is summarized from several sources:

  1. Umar papers Asasudin, MA, entitled “The Role of Intellectuals in the Palestinian Liberation Struggle: History Approach”
  2. Speech Ikhrimah Shabri (Imam Masjid Al-Aqhsa Palestine in 1992), entitled “Palestine: History of the Struggle, the Intifada, and the Israeli aggression against the Aqsa Mosque”.
  3. Dr papers. Ruslan Abdoelgani entitled “Indonesian Solidarity for Palestine: A Historical Overview”

All three are in the book “Palestine: Solidarity with Political Islam and the New World Governance”, with editor: M & Achmad Riza Sihbudi Hadi, mold Library Hidayah 1992. This book cored papers in the seminar “Indonesia Palestinian Friendship Week” January 13 to 18, 1992 in Yogyakarta.

Incidence after 1992 are summarized from:

  1. “Middle Eastern History Table” in the blog “Middle East Studies” by Dina Y. Sulaiman
  2. “The history of establishment of the State of Israel” by Panji Prabowo (Head of ITB GAMAIS 2008-2009) in his blog
  3. News in on Palestine Israeli war.

Happy reading!


Palestinian territory was originally inhabited by several nations, the nation Ammonit and Philistine. Then, around 1000 BC, Palestine conquered by King Saul and David as David and his descendants as, which is the Jewish nation, eventually became king there and Palestine into Jewish homeland nations from 1000 BC – 135 AD Palestine itself was ruled by the kingdom of Persia, Babylonia, Egypt, and other kerjaaan kingdom interchangeably in the meantime.

Mastered the Palestinian territories of the Roman Empire

Around the year 100 BC came the power of Rome and in the year 63 BC, Rome, under the reign of King Pompey, who controlled Palestine conquered kingdom. In 66 AD, the rebellion raised by Jews. War going on and the rebels lose and finally in the year 70 CE, Jerusalem fell entirely into the hands of Rome.



Pompey king of the

 Romans (

At that time, Rome usually do not put pressure but gently treated colonies to unite with the nation’s citizens negeranya colonies. However, in the case of the Jews, this method is not successful. Often arise melee of Jews. This led eventually prevailing harsh Roma to the Jews and issued a decree that deadly nasionalismen Jews worship by restricting their range.

In the end this decree makes a great uprising of 200,000 Jews led by Barcocheba in Jerusalem. Hadrian king who led Roma to send Julius Sevenus and the large number of troops to quell the rebellion and conquered Jerusalem. At that time, the Jews were defeated and expelled their regulations banned from the city for any reason. Jerusalem used as a place of worship and a Roman colony of Jews, Jewish haikal, replaced with a symbol of supremacy Roman temple, the temple of Jupiter. From that time the Jewish people spread outside Palestine. However, there is a small part that still survive there.

After that, the influence of Christianity came to Rome, so that foster the spread of Christianity in Palestine. Christianity grew in the area. Then, in the division of the Roman Empire in 395, Palestine was in power Byzantine Empire, also known as the Eastern Roman Empire. At that time Palestine became a prosperous area, the center of the development of the pilgrims (visiting places of worship sacred by Christians, Jews, etc..). But occasionally appeared torture to the Jews by the master nation.

The year 611 AD, Chosroes II, king of the Persian Empire Sasan, attack that area. Followed by Jews who wanted revenge. Jerusalem was captured. Church of the Holy Sepulchre was destroyed by land and possessions taken. Another church and its bishop arrested the same fate.

The year 628 AD, King Heralcus of territorial re-conquest of the Byzantine. But this victory is temporary because of the advent of Islam that weakens the power of the Byzantine Empire.










































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