Madiun – Indonesia has a carriage factory to manufacture derivative products in Madiun East Java. Factory belonging to PT Industri Kereta Api (INKA) (Persero) is the largest state-owned train manufacturer and the only one in the Southeast Asian region. 

Today have the opportunity see detikFinance train factory which was founded by 3rd Indonesian President BJ Habibie in 1981. Upon entering the factory area is located next to the station Madiun, the condition of the 22-hectare plant looked old. Employees seemed busy designing and completing the design and manufacture of train orders components. 

Director of Production and Technology INKA Yunendar Aryo Andoko explained, although the order is pretty much yet untapped production capacity INKA maskimal. 

“PT INKA have never received an order from the government railway carriage 100. Least 70 trains many economies. Therefore, our potential that has been used only 50%,” said Yunendar at headquarters INKA Jl.ODOT Madiun, East Java, on Friday (03/22/2013). 

Total number of workers of PT INKA reach 859 workers, which consists of up to Doctorate level degree, all working on various orders synergize train 
and designing new products. 

At least, some excellent products that have been produced by PT INKA like passenger trains, locomotives, rail (KRL), Railbus, rail Diesel (KRD), railway freight wagon to trailer to the Trans Jakarta bus. 

Yuhendar explained that currently the technology and capabilities INKA has been able to produce some original products such as electric train, monorail, stroller and locomotive engines though imports remain to be purchased. 

“We now are able to do the step of technology development and design of their own,” he added. 

INKA Technology Assistant Field Manager, Prayitno explain most of the machine age is 1980 or when a new factory was set up. After obtaining the State Capital Investment (PMN) in 2006, INKA then replant several machines in order to compete. INKA did increase capacity by constructing two new buildings for the purposes of the workshop locomotive and mass transit. 

“The machine, on average the same in 1982, 1983, the newest equipment in 2010,” he added. 

In addition, several world-class manufacturer of trains were the groom by INKA to develop a national rail industry such as Bombardier Transportation AG, General Electric and Japanese railway companies.





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