Sheila on 7 is one of the music group popular Indonesian who stood on May 6 1996 in Yogyakarta. Group whose members Duta (Akhdiyat Duta Modjo, vocals), Eross (Eross Candra, guitar), Adam (Adam Muhammad Subarkah, bass), as well as the Brian (Brian Kresna Putro, drum) this at originally named “Sheila” (language Celtic: musicals ). The word “Gank” later added so that became “Sheila Gank”. The word even this finally converted become “on 7”, which taken from seven stairs tone in music. This band earned the nickname “Band One Million Coffee” because of its success sells millions of copy a few his album in former glory in early 2000s.

Sheila on 7 has been several times experiencing changes the composition of member. On in October 2004 Brian signed to replace Anton who issued because considered not discipline. Ago on March 2006 Sakti retreated of Sheila on 7 for learn religion in Pakistan

Starting from Adam and Sakti who has a band called “WHY Gank” Ambassadors invite them to join a rehearsal band vocalist. Selected ambassadors armed with the story of Adam and that Adam is a subscription Ambassador August 17 performers early in their housing complex, Ambassador Adam sing and play acoustic guitar.

Talking about “WHY Gank” at the time, Adam and Sakti are still often swap positions as bassist and guitarist depending on the song they performed. But the band whose members happen to Adam, Sakti, Ambassador, and a drummer named this Court has not had time to sample the music stage. They are merely exercises in studio, cover version song famous bands, and audition / selection to be performed in an event.

A year later after “WHY Gank” vacuum had some time, get to know them with Eross (which later became their lead guitar). The four of them later decide to start a new band, and they are with Anton Meet the players were introduced by Eross drum during the band’s first rehearsal at the studio. After the completion of the first exercise of this they decided to name the band with the name “Sheilagank”, and make on May 6, 1996 as the day they were born.

“Sheilagank” was poor across-art shows and art shows high school band festival Yogyakarta in Central Java for about 2 years, until mid-1998 they finally get a “record deal” their first with the label Sony Music Entertaintment Indonesia. They later changed their band name to “Sheila On 7”. The name “Sheilagank” was later used as the title for the loyal listeners of their works. “Sheila” is actually taken from a high school friend who also is a friend Eross SD Adam and ambassador. Once, when the first Adam and Eross acquainted first, Adam called Eross to call “friend Sheila ya?!”, And Eross replied “you’re his friend Sheila too huh?!”, So the name is often mentioned in their conversation. While “On 7” means “at 7 tones that do-re-mi-fa-sol-la- si”. Thus the name “Sheila On 7” roughly means his friends “Sheila” who played 7 tones / playing music.

Sheila On 7 since the beginning of their work in the Indonesian music scene has chalked a lot of accomplishments, including being the only Indonesian band that can sell physical albums by more than one million copies, three albums in a row. They also have loyal audiences in neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

But in 2004, they had to part with Anton (drummer) because not disciplined by his manager. It was then Brian entered as an additional player to fill the position left by drummer Anton. Brian performed with Zero 7 in various promo tour for the album “Tough Stud”. Album The Very Best of Zero 7 (2005) became the first studio recording of Brian’s career with Zero 7 as an additional player.

In 2006, Sheila On 7, also had to part with the Milky because he resigned in the middle of the recording process of the album “507” because of the desire to continue their education to Pakistan could not be stopped. However, during the process of recording the album “507” was also the Zero 7 finally lifted a drummer Brian Sheila On 7 until now. in the year 2011 had also invited Eross Risky Santoso to fill the position of second guitarist who first had left by Sakti, but Risky busy with his own band and distance ( Niwa Shady ) band from Tegal in Central Java . Eross and Risky Santoso introduced by one close friend Eross And Risky. Sheila On 7 now is Brian (drums), Eross (guitar), Ambassador (vocals), and Adam (bass).

Source : Wikipedia.com, uripsibigo.blogspot.com



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