revisi tugas bhs.inggris exercise A,B and TOEFL exercise


 mengkoreksi benar atau salah, serta mengisi kata yang benar


English sentences must have its public (s) subject and (P) predicate.

Exercise A

number 3

(R) in the summer the trip to the mountains is our favorite trip

This sentence is correct because :

  • In the summer stated time information
  • The trip to the mountains stating his subject
  • Is it is the predicate  
  • Our favorite trip object decralative sentence

Indonesian translation : di musim panas perjalanan ke pegunungan adalah perjalanan favorit kami

Exercise B

Number 7.

(R) the dishes in the sink really need to be washed as soon as possible

This sentence is correct because :

  • The dishes in the sink states subject
  • Really stated predicate
  • Need to be
  • Washed=V3
  • As soon as possible = sentences to explain

 Indonesian translation  : piring di wastafel benar-benar harus dicuci sesegera mungkin

Toefl exercise

Number 1

Mark twain      the years after the civil war the ‘’gilded age’’

Answer :   A. called

This sentence is correct because :

  1. He called illogical because he asked him, because the question mark twain
  2. Calling= v+ing, could be if there is to be in front of the calling
  3. His calls, states noun because it is here people.

Indonesian translation : mark twain  disebut   tahun setelah perang sipil “zaman emas”.



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